Pair of Rare Art Nouveau Bentwood Hall Stands By Gebrüder Thonet (SOLD)


We have a pair of absolutely stunning and extremely rare Gebrüder Thonet Beech Bentwood Hall Stands. C1883 

In the 1830s, Thonet began trying to make furniture out of glued and bent wooden slats. His first success was the Bopparder Schichtholzstuhl (Boppard layerwood chair) in 1836. Thonet gained substantial independence by acquiring the Michelsmühle, the glue factory that made the glue for this process, in 1837. However, his attempts to patent the technology failed in Germany (1840) as well as in Great Britain, France and Russia (1841). At the Koblenz trade fair of 1841, Thonet met Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, who was enthusiastic about Thonet’s furniture and invited him to the Vienna court. In the next year, Thonet was able to present his furniture, and his chairs in particular, to the Imperial Family.

As the Boppard establishment got into financial difficulties, Thonet sold it and emigrated to Vienna with his family. There, he worked with his sons on the interior decoration of the Stadtpalais Liechtenstein for the Carl Leistler establishment.[1] In 1849, he again opened his own shop together with his four sons. A few years later, in 1853, he transferred the company to his sons under the name Gebrüder Thonet. In 1850 he produced his Nr 1 chair. The Great Exhibition in London 1851 saw him receive the bronze medal for his Vienna bentwood chairs. This was his international breakthrough. At the next World’s Fair, Exposition Universelle in Paris 1855, he was awarded the silver medal as he continued to improve his production methods. In 1856 he was able to open up a new factory in Koryčany, Moravia.

In the first known sales catalogue of 1883, a total of 219 models are pictured on 21 pages. The range of classical types was completed with new ensembles, and at the same time the series of special chairs and beds was extended. There was also a whole range of new objects intended for private use, such as children’s cradles, flower stands, beds, washing tables, clothes stands, mirror frames and garden furniture. By 1886 there was a second catalogue, and in 1888 there was a third catalogue for ‘Gebrüder Thonet’. This last one contained 339 different models over30 pages.

The product range included sets for chairs, armchairs, bench seats, tables and rocking chairs as well as stools, children’s furniture to easels, prayer stools, dressing table mirrors, umbrella stands, music stands and newspaper stands, fire screens and screens.

Thonet’s customers included cafés, restaurants, hotels, theatres, authorities and administrative offices, but above all private households.

We can sell these stands individually on request.

Dimensions: H: 203cm W: 103cm D: 38cm

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