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Antiques from Clubhouse Interiors Sharpsbridge Make Your Homes and Offices Elegant and Evergreen

Are you in love with antique items that journey you through time and echo your unique tastes? Are you passionate about vintage furniture, interior décor, luggage, props and collectibles? Well, look no further than Clubhouse Interiors in Sharpsbridge – the buzzing home for everything antique- across various time eras and places.

We are the number one partners in the UK for interior designers and antique lovers of furniture, interior décor, collectibles, movies and photography props, and special collections. You can also hire these rare pieces. We provide an impressive array of unique pieces and vintage furniture that give homes and offices a grand and timeless makeover. Simply book an appointment to visit today on 01903 883137 or send us an email at:


Our array of fine antique pieces and collectibles are available in our showrooms and markets such as decorative pieces, decorative antique seating and fittings, painted antiques, antique ceramics, vintage movie props, antique luggage and country home antiques. Our special collection of antique pieces includes traditional pieces and furniture to the rarest items from the early 17th century through to the mid-20th century.

Our vintage items have originated from different regions of the world we naturally get a lot from England, but also source regularly from Sweden, Italy and France. We also get vintage pieces from brands like Ralph Lauren. Should you like to visit our shops and markets to see our heart-stopping collection of antique items, we’d love to show you around.


Do you fancy a visit to our antique market in Sharpsbridge? We guarantee that you’ll be smitten.

Visit our antique market in Sharpsbridge today and be captivated by some of the most striking antique pieces and rare collections made to perfection, from pure craftsmanship. Each item in our large array of antique furniture, décor and special collections in our antique market resonate with supreme quality.Whatever stall or section you visit, you’ll get that unique feeling like you’re in a different time era.

You’ll be spellbound by every piece in our antique market- whether it’s solid wood drawers with a gloss paint finish or an ageless piece of furniture; a hand-blown glass or a metallic luxury; a delicate décor item or intricately sown and heavily embellished upholstery.

Every piece is a statement of the unique features of different cultures and eras of the past, preserving the beauty and inspiration that drove their political, social and technological breakthroughs.

You’ll be wowed by our special collection of antique luggage in Sharpsbridge

We stock a striking assortment of fabulously designed antique luggage such as antique leather trunks, antique briefcases, antique leather cases and antique crocodile suitcases.

See our thrilling collection of aesthetically rare and retro pieces in our antique shops in Sharpsbridge.

Clubhouse Interiors operates a number of inspiring antique shops in Sharpsbridge which showcase a remarkable range of timelessly unique furniture, sports memorabilia, movie props, home accessories and statement pieces that steals attention. We carefully put together our amazing collection of items in our antique shops and burnish them to their original glory that understate why they dominated the last two centuries. We put our aesthetically endearing vintage pieces permanently in our antique shops to stir your imagination. By this way, you’ll be able to picture in your head, the way they’ll complement and emphasize your home and office beauty.

Clubhouse Interior’s remarkable set of antique furniture in Sharpsbridge will astound you

Your home or office will ooze all shades of class and vintage quality that’ll inspire you and your guests with our privileged collection of antique furniture and accessories. At Clubhouse Interiors, all of our antique furniture items are truly out of this world, from wooden display units to tables, chairs and drawers; from glassware to clocks, ceramics and arts. Our special range of antique furniture is made from natural woods including mahogany, walnut, pine, and fruitwood. There are also ebonised and bleached bookcases on offer, as well as oak desks and antique painted furniture sourced from England and neighbouring countries like Sweden and France.

Put the vintage gloss in your home and business space in Sharpsbridge with Clubhouse Interiors’ home/interior decor

Have you always dreamed about a home or business location where classic pieces mix with contemporary living in a harmonious décor setting? At Clubhouse Interiors, our collection of vintage interior décor is classic and brings verve to the home and office setting- giving it added appeal. Wherever you decide to site your antique interior décor, whether in the lobby, living room, kitchen, interior of a restaurant, pubs and gastro bars, Clubhouse Interior’s wide range of stunning antique items bring grace and panache that enhance the environment.

Take advantage of the unique feeling of our Sharpsbridge antique collectibles

Our unique vintage collectibles such as statues and busts, wooden and marble statues, wooden carvings, and bowls make your home truly vintage and invigorating.


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At Clubhouse Interiors, we’re excited to provide customers with all their bespoke orders to classically enrich and enliven their home and office spaces. So whether as an antique decorative piece on your mantel piece, vintage imagery in your movie production or as props for music videos, Clubhouse Interiors gives you total satisfaction. Our services also include shipping and insurance covers, as well as restoration of antique items to their original quality and designs. To book an appointment in Sharpsbridge, reach us today on 01903 883137 or send us an email at: