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Props Available To Hire

Are you desperately in need of props for your film production or some other projects? Are you shooting a sci-fi, an old century-themed movie or photography, and need your characters to go back in time with some unique antique cars, cameras, projector, kaleidoscope, roulette wheel, furniture pieces and other vintage collectibles?

Well, look no further than Clubhouse Interiors. We’re your one-stop showroom for the most classic and timeless props to make your movies a potential box office hit. And they’re available for hire!

Clubhouse Interiors Window Displays

At Clubhouse Interiors, we stock some of the most vintage and stylish props for movies, photography and theatre props for hire. Our props have been used by production teams in many west end shows, such as Ghost the Musical and King Lear; and shop windows such as Ralph Lauren; not to mention countless films.

We stock a wide collection of original props, costumes and other rare pieces used in the shooting of classic movies such as Kendo suits as seen in Marvel’s Wolverine film.

We source our props (both single items and full collections) from different countries, but specially stock pieces with a rich Anglo Saxon history to give photography shoots and movie productions that unique traditional element, elegance and originality.

We also work with companies like Ralph Lauren to ensure that whatever your film production prop need, you get the perfect solution in our inspiring, rare collection.

Our inspiring selection of props and costumes are 100% authenticity certified and we give you a certificate of guarantee to assure you of their original value.

Clubhouse Interiors – Photography, Movie & Thearte Props

So if you want to give your movie scenes, talent and the entire theatre or movie production the perfect characterization of the original scripts and plots, come to us to hire vintage props. You are certain to get just what you need at the exact specification to bring your production alive.

At Clubhouse Interiors, we don’t just give you satisfaction, we amaze and inspire you with our truly enchanting array of vintage items and collectibles, including a Cinecraft antique camera, top hat collections, player tobacco crates, aluminium cases, vintage leather luggage, vintage trunk, antlers on shield, leather shoes, model pond yacht and various sets of sports memorabilia.

We also have for hire, games room items including billiards tables, snooker tables, pool tables, cue stands, scoreboards, bagatelle games, and so on.

So whatever the props and rare collections you need, we will likely have something suitable in stock and available for hire, with an abundance of pleasant surprises that’ll keep you captivated and happy.

With Clubhouse Interiors, you’re assured the perfect one-of-kind props, whether single items or a full collection, to give your film production the perfect interpretation that’ll bring out the best out of your characters and keep your audiences engaged.

So, are you shooting a movie or making a theatre production that needs a lot of elegant, vintage props? Filming a music video or organizing a photo session with a classic theme? Now, you know where to go for a quick hire solution and total satisfaction.

Visit us now and be inspired!

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