With an enchanting array of vintage furniture, interior décor, props, and collectibles, a visit to our showroom will take you on an amazing time travel to the most unique features of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Whether you want to remodel your home or office to give it that elegant and timeliness feel, or you’re looking to shoot a movie featuring classic props from the past, Clubhouse Interiors will give you more than just satisfaction. We’ll captivate and inspire you.

We source special vintage items and collectibles from across different regions of the world, but mostly from England and neighbouring European countries like Sweden, France and Italy.

We also work with companies like Ralph Lauren to ensure that whatever your antique needs are, you get the perfect solution in our stunning antique showroom.

The services we offer include:

Props to Hire

At Clubhouse Interiors, we stock a stunning collection of decorative antiques in our showrooms filled with theatre, atmosphere and inspiration in abundance to hire.

Whatever your antique needs — for business, home or movies production — we have the perfect one-of-kind, timeless furniture, props, interior décor and collectibles to give a classic character and personality to your living or work space.

Some of our rare pieces include vintage cars, retro bush radio, antique camera, projector, kaleidoscope, roulette wheel and sports memorabilia which are all available to hire.

Clubhouse Interiors Ltd. has become one of the leading vintage prop hire and styling companies in the UK.  Styling weddings, events, photo shoots, restaurants and bars with their props and furniture.  

Clubhouse have been building their collection of vintage items from reclamation yards, vintage markets, boot fairs, charity shops and auctions since the start and the showroom is furnished with the treasure they have found along the way.

Clubhouse Interiors supplies to wedding planners, stylists, retail outlets, corporate companies, theatrical productions and photographers with their unique finds.  Their props, furniture, styled shoots and real weddings have been featured in books, national magazines and blogs and clients include Ralph Lauren.

Offering a full design and styling service or simply hiring a selection of props and furniture to add personality to your event, Clubhouse Interiors Ltd. would be delighted to hear about your plans.


We also offer repair and restoration services for all of your antique items, reinstating their original lush and timeless values as back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

At Clubhouse Interiors, on your request, we will give your furniture, upholstery, memorabilia and other special items in your home or office a fine, traditional finish, including simulation, spray lacquering and colour balancing, to give the space the touch and feel of traditional splendour and majesty.

Out restoration team is widely experienced in reinstating the original value, feel and look of all your furniture, interior décor, memorabilia and special times that date back to your most loved eras, decades and centuries in the past.

We have successfully carried out restoration services for highly satisfied clients including for antique furniture, mahogany and oak furniture, antique chairs, antique tables, antique sofas, French furniture, Asian antiques, Victorian antique, leather dining chairs and so on.

Based in the UK, Clubhouse Interiors offer a variety of furniture restoration services including Furniture conservation and Furniture repairs, Wood turning, Veneering, Marquetry and Parquetry, Carving, French polishing and Cane, Rush and Sea-grass seating.  All are carried out sympathetically to the piece of furniture and using materials and techniques traditionally used.

The restoration of any piece of furniture or woodwork is considered from any period – as every piece deserves a little TLC from time to time.

In addition to Furniture restoration I also offer a bespoke Furniture design and Furniture making service, with both client and myself working together from start to finish making the whole experience a very personal one.

Bespoke Orders

At Clubhouse Interiors, we are also happy to undertake your bespoke orders on antique decorations for your homes, offices and work needs- whether for window displays, movie productions or even props for music videos.

We guarantee total creativity and a classic touch with all of our client’s bespoke orders, with unique designs perfectly tailored to their exact needs and preferences.

Working with our customers, we create original pieces based on their exact needs. We talk to our customers in order to find out their requirements. We look at any photos or drawings the customer may have, and then create a design which, approved by the client, we then turn into a high-quality piece. We can also advise on finishes, materials, fabrics, etc.

Our customers are free to visit at any time so that they can see how their piece is developing, or, if there are unable to, we will send pictures so that they can see how their piece is progressing.

Clubhouse Construction

Clubhouse Interiors also offer construction services, transforming your home, office or business.

Visit Clubhouse Construction for more information.

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