Bespoke Orders

Make Your Bespoke Orders at Clubhouse Interiors

Here at Clubhouse Interiors, we understand how important it is to get the right pieces for your interior. This is why we, in offering high quality decorative pieces and vintage items, also ensure that you can place orders on bespoke items and trust us to get them.

We have a range of antique pieces and decorative items, vintage luggage and furniture, sports memorabilia and interesting pieces that are available for hire and may be used for theatrical and movie productions. They can also be used as props for music videos and photography.

At Clubhouse Interiors, you can be sure that our rare items, from trunks and boxes to custom drawers and everything in between, can be made available, as we work with companies like Ralph Lauren to ensure that you get the unique pieces that you need.

Our large selection of carefully sought out antiques, our huge collection of Art Decor pieces that reflect various art movements, and our rich assortment of retro and vintage styled pieces, make our showroom at Unit 35, The Vinery, Arundel Road, Poling, West Sussex BN18 9PY, UK, a wonderland to any art lover. We also stock slightly younger vintage pieces in addition to our rich and stylishly authentic antique items.

Although we stock a richly diverse collection of items, accessories and pieces that span centuries of design, we also carefully source what you need and offer creative bespoke order services to make that project come to life.

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Order Your Statement Decorative Pieces at Clubhouse

Clubhouse Interiors is passionate about helping you get just what they need. We know that you might not be able to get all the unique pieces for your interior design project on the open market. They may not be readily available because, these home accessories and statement pieces may be rare. At times, getting a specific home interior piece that is vintage, may be critical to the overall theme of your project.

This is why, in addition to stocking a diverse range of one-of-a-kind decorative pieces in our beautiful showroom at Unit 35, The Vinery, Arundel Road, Poling, West Sussex BN18 9PY, UK, we also take bespoke orders.

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We Have the Finest Selection of Quality Antique Furniture

Clubhouse Interiors Ltd was founded by a master wooden furniture restorer. In keeping with the tradition of lovingly restoring rare pieces with a bit of history attached to them, we stock furniture pieces that may be described as retro.  Our range of vintage furniture items, from soft furnishings to wooden furniture, are made with a high degree of quality and can add that stylish touch and enhance the theme of your interior design project.

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