Clubhouse Interiors Ltd offer a restoration service and a creative bespoke orders

At Clubhouse Interiors, we have professional craftsmen who you can trust to carry out sympathetic restoration work on your treasured antique pieces. From fixing of broken items to leather and upholstery restoration, we transform the overall condition and improve the general appearance of vintage items. We also carry out cleaning and polishing of those delicate antique pieces.

We are always available to transform that valued antique piece. We deal in rare pieces that are vintage in style and age, which means that we understand the need to preserve the stylistic authenticity and character of each item we restore.

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We Offer Restoration Services at Clubhouse Interiors

Antique items, having gone through a lot of wear, can be fragile. Considering that a lot of them are original pieces from many decades or even centuries ago, and hold a lot of history in art and design, it is vital that you trust them to a company that know what it is doing. Restoring them takes a great deal of patience. Many of the pieces that we work on date back from hundreds of years ago, and are worn out because of time.

As professionals, we preserve the authenticity of these items. Our aim is to restore these rare pieces to the best condition possible, by replacing worn out or damaged sections and enhancing the appearance of others.

Our craftsmen are versatile, and work with antique and vintage pieces spanning different periods and in all levels of condition.

At Club House Interiors Ltd, we consider the restoration of antique items, vintage pieces and furniture, as an art that requires a lot of time, patience and expertise to be properly executed.

Each antique item has an identity and a story. You can trust us to evaluate and judge the level of restoration that each piece needs, in order to restore that item to its former glory.

Our services include:

  • Repair of antique and vintage pieces.
  • Cleaning and polishing work.
  • Fixing of broken and delicate items.
  • Upholstery work on vintage furniture pieces.
  • Leather restoration.

Visit us today at Unit 35, The Vinery, Arundel Road, Poling, West Sussex BN18 9PY, UK to meet our incredible team of expert restorers.

You can also contact us by calling 01903 883137 or send us an e-mail at

Professional Furniture and Leather Restoration by Clubhouse Interiors

Clubhouse interiors Ltd was founded by an expert wooden furniture restorer. We have professional craftsmen who, in following in the footsteps of the founder, handle each upholstery and furniture restoration project with a high level of workmanship and technique. Using their well honed skills with a lot of love and mindfulness, you can be sure of very professionally done furniture restoration.

We also carry out leather restoration. As antique dealers that include a wide range of delicate leather pieces such as vintage leather gloves in our collection, we understand what is required to transform any worn out leather item in any condition and from any period.

Contact us now on 01903 883137 and discover that your treasured piece can be restored.