6 Popular Interior Design Themes to Implement in Your Home

Rustic, Minimalist, Traditional, Scandinavian, Bohemian French Provincial…..and the list of popular interior design themes goes on and on. With a large number of distinctive interior design themes, it turns out to be a challenging task to determine which one will work best for your place. To help you deal with this huge challenge, here we will present a few popular interior design themes.

1.     Rustic

Rustic interior design theme is a result of natural inspirations, so it often uses raw and unfinished elements, which are mostly made of wood and stone.

It can integrate outdoor accessories with warmth; architectural details such as vaulted ceilings decorated with wood beams.

2.     Minimalist

In Australia, minimalist interior design theme is quite popular. In this theme, the concept is to employ modern interior designs and simplify them further.

  • It uses neutral colour palettes.
  • It focuses on plain and streamlined furnishings.
  • It lays a great emphasis on functionality.
  • It is based on the opposite approach to excessiveness and ostentatious interior design themes.

Unlike its name, this theme is quite tough to implement, since you have limited options to employ. Therefore, a professional service like Advantage Property Styling will be needed to implement this interior style.

3.     Traditional

This theme gives classic details and extravagant furnishing with a plenty of accessories. It often features

  • Rich colour palettes
  • Diverse textures and curved lines
  • Dark and finished wood

4.     The French Provincial Interior Design

The French provincial interior design has its roots in the mid to late 1700s. This trend developed with a prime focus on ornamental luxury to a warm and welcoming style. It uses marble, wrought iron, carved timber, rustic timber, and stones.

The French provincial interior design seems uses a calming and muted colour palette.
It also combines complex furnishing with fine linens and gentle tones which make a stylish look. Its salient features include:

  • Lovely and shapely linens
  • Soft colours
  • Thoughtful details
  • Room continuity
  • Rustic touches

Overall, it makes a classic appeal in your house. If you are into the French provincial interior design, ensure that you hire reputable and experienced interior designers in French provincial interior such as Christophe Living.

5.     Scandinavian

Scandinavian interior design theme is homage to the minimalism of life in Nordic countries. Its modest furniture seems like artwork, which is yet simple. The furniture is functional with interesting lines, and it is mainly influenced by sculptures.

  • It includes all-white colour palettes.
  • It has natural elements such as form-pressed wood, steel, enamelled aluminium, etc.
  • It focuses on making the place spacious with natural lighting.
  • The use of accessories is minimal.

6.     Bohemian

Bohemian interior design theme reflects a cheery and light-hearted lifestyle. It can include:

  • Vintage furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Inspiring rugs
  • Display of collections
  • Travel souvenirs
  • Items from flea markets

This diverse interior design theme can fit in an ultra-glam chandelier with a well-worn rug or a chair from mid-century. In short, you can let your imagination run wild to implement Bohemian interior design theme.

The basic understanding of fundamentals in interior design themes is a great help in impending your own ideas. Your capability to recognise diverse interior design themes will help you create an inspiring vision of your house with flawless aesthetics.

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