How to Make Your Room Cozier

For most of us, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, starting and ending the day within this room. This is why it is worth spending some extra time to make your inner sanctum as cozy as possible for you to retreat into. Here are a couple of ideas that might be able to help.

1. Color

The use of colour can help make your space feel restful. We often advise users to use “warm neutral”colours to light mid-tone greys or browns. These colours are peaceful colours that can be easily warmed up or cooled down with a wide range of accessories. You can also add warm and natural materials where possible. This includes and is not limited to wood, linen, stone and wool to add a bit of coziness to the room. Do be careful when using them so you don’t overdo it. The goal is to be liberal and avoid large elements around soothing walls. Large elements such as metal or plastics will make the room hard and manufactured.


2. Dark bedroom and rugs

Your bedroom needs to be reorganized if it’s not dark enough for sleeping. Well-made blackout curtains are an essential item for light sleepers. If you can, also get bedroom curtains that block sounds. Comfy rugs are also important as the first step you take in the morning is not something to be taken lightly. You need comfy rugs to put your feet down to gather your thoughts when you wake up in the morning.


3. Lighting

In order to get a cozy bedroom, you need to do away with the overhead lighting and replace it with lamps. Overhead lighting is often too bright for a room where sleep is key. If you are not interested in adding lamps to your bedroom, replace the bright lights in your fixtures to a dimmer option. Another alternative to overhead light is to use a variety of smaller lamp sets at different heights. You can also use low-wattage bulbs within sturdy lampshades to diffuse the light within the room for more coziness.


4. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Buy a Himalayan salt lamp for the perfect cozy element that you’ve been looking for in your room. It has air filtering qualities that will help you breathe better at night. These lamps are best for getting that muted and pink-toned glow texture to any room for that cozy feeling. Another thing you can add to your bedroom for that modern touch and the cozy feeling is to use glass containers for candles. While burning candles in your bedroom is a risky proposition due to the amount of fabric lying around, using hurricane lanterns or geometric glass containers can help you pull this off without putting yourself or your bedroom in danger.


These tips are some of the ways you can sleep better at night by keeping your bedroom cozy, you will fall asleep more often and stay asleep all through the night.

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