Anglo Indian Porcupine Quill Trinket Pot (SOLD)


Stunning little Anglo Indian Black and White Cylindrical Porcupine Quill Trinket Box, made from black wood with porcupine quill decorations, dating to 1890.

These were highly valued for their rich timbers and intricate craftsmanship. The production of porcupine quill boxes and furniture falls between around 1850 and 1900. Although porcupine quill boxes were originally made for English residents, by the late 19th century there was a thriving commercial export trade.

Porcupine quillwork is an art form completely unique to North America. Before the introduction of glass beads, quillwork was a major decorative element used by the peoples who resided in the porcupine’s natural habitat, which included indigenous peoples of the Subarctic, Northeastern Woodlands, and Northern Plains. The use of quills in designs spans from Maine to Alaska. Quill working tools were discovered in Alberta, Canada and date back to the 6th century.

Dimensions: H: 7cm W: 7cm




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