Antique Brass Candy Drop Roller Lamp (SOLD)


Antique Candy Drop Roller Lamps. Hard Candy Manufacturers Antique Industrial Roller Machine Equipment, made from solid brass and steel, with the candy imprint on the roller, these are rare to find in this condition.

Drops are a traditional confectionary made from a mixture of boiled sugar and flavourings. They are “dropped” onto a pan or baking sheet to set. In the 1840’s, drop roller machines came on the market. These machines took the hot, 120 °C, cooked sugar, and moulded it into shapes between two hand cranked brass rollers, the roller has been transformed into a stunning lamps, retaining a piece of confectionary history. C1840

We have three available, can be sold as a set on request. (These lamps have been PAT tested)

This lamp gives a modern twist on an antique industrial piece of machinery.

Dimensions: H: 53cm W: 16cm 

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Out of stock




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