Antique French Champagne Grape Harvest Basket (SOLD)


Superb Antique French Grape Harvesting Basket, made from woven wicker with twisted wire supports, with two handles, these baskets have wonderful patina to the wicker with original paint colour, distinguishing the Vineyard, set on two wooden runners. Place of origin France, Circa 1900. 

Know as ‘paniers mannequin’ in France, these large wicker baskets were used for collecting the grapes from the vines and then carried back to the press.  Due to the size of these and the weight of grapes that they would have held, they are very well made and extremely robust. They do show signs of age as well as some old re-treated woodworm in a few places.  Extreme amount of character, they would make lovely log baskets. Height from basket not handles. (We have 6 available, may vary in size, all are large baskets)

Dimensions: H: 61cm W: 84cm D: 65cm

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