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Gloster Javelin Model Plane On Stand


Dimensions: H: 19cm W: 32cm D: 30cm

Aluminium Model of RAF Gloster Javelin Interceptor on stand (c1950) This model of the RAF Javelin was supplied by Air Ministry to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation. Royal Airforce Squadrons were presented with such models representing current and pre – production British Military aircraft. The Gloster Javelin was twin engined T – Tailed Delta – Wing subsonic night and all weather interceptor that served with Britains RAF until late 1960’s. The last aircraft was built to bare the Gloster name.

1 review for Gloster Javelin Model Plane On Stand

  1. Christopher Gardener-Wakely

    It’s a Gloster meteor. Not a Javelin. Check Staverton out to see the difference. The Gloster javelin is a delta wing aircraft of which this is definitely not. Also the Javelin has internal jets, not on the wing like the picture shows. 100% a Gloster meteor!

    • Clubhouse Interiors

      Hi Christopher, thank you for your info regarding the plane, having looked again at each plane, the Meteor has jets integrated into the wing not on the underside which the plane we have does, therefore not a meteor, so the mystery continues, but thank you anyway.

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