Jacobs Cream Cracker Show Card (SOLD)


Original Jacobs Cream Cracker shop counter advertising show card. This is a truly charming vintage piece and very rare. This Show card is in fantastic condition. This Show Card would have been used as shop advertising during the roaring 40’s, advertising Jacobs Cream Crackers, signed by the artist FC Harrison. C1940

The originator of the Jacob’s brand name was the small biscuit bakery, W & R Jacob, founded in 1851 in Bridge Street, Waterford, Ireland by William Beale Jacob and his brother Robert. It later moved to Bishop Street in Dublin, Ireland, with a factory in Peter’s Row. A factory in Aintree, Liverpool was opened in 1914.

Jacob’s Bishop Street premises was one of several prominent Dublin buildings occupied by rebels during the Easter Rising of 1916

In 1922 a separate English company was formed, W & R Jacob (Liverpool) Ltd.

Dimensions: 58cm W: 45cm D: 2cm

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