Royal Arch Masonry Tools

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A complete set of Royal Arch Masonry Tools. Made from Beech wood, the pickaxe is a common symbol and working tool in Royal Arch Masonry. Operative Masons use the instrument to loosen the soil and prepare it for digging. But, in speculative Freemasonry, it symbolically teaches the man to loosen from his heart the hold of evil habits. Tools are stamped 3991. C1880

In England and Wales there is an indissoluble link between Craft Freemasonry and the Royal Arch, with the Royal Arch being considered the completion of a Freemason’s journey in “Pure Antient Masonry”.

A very interesting piece of history, and a great conversation starter. (Dims for Pick 78x52x6cm Crow 71×4.5×2.5cm)

Dimensions: H: 83cm W: 17cm D: 3cm




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