Victorian Copper Jelly Moulds


A Lovely set of Victorian Copper Jelly Moulds, a variety of moulds, 2 have the original initials ZS & MN, and there are makers marks for Adam & Sons, Haymarket London, Benham & Sons, Wigmore St London and W.S Jones Br, Downs Street London.

Early moulds were hammered into shape by hand and then tinned individually.

Mostly circular, oval or rectangular in shape, they are decorated on top with embossed birds, animals, crowns, fruits and flowers, and their sides are fluted.

Copper moulds have become favourites among collectors of kitchen antiques because they are so ravishingly beautiful. Moulds that still have the stamp of their makers or vendors are especially prized, and it is always a thrill when the original owner’s initials are still present. Although they may have been primarily used for some type of fancy moulded dessert, cream, jelly, mousse or soufflé, there were also savoury recipes for moulded meat and vegetable dishes. 

Dimensions: H: 7cm W: 9cm D: 8.5cm (MN) x 1

Dimensions: H: 7.5cm W: 11.5cm D: 11cm (ZS) x 1

Dimensions: H: 9.5cm W: 11cm D: 10cm x 3

Dimensions: H: 6cm W:14cm D: 12.5cm x 1 (round)




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