Victorian Jockey Club Horn Beaker


A handsome Victorian horn beaker with silver rim, adorned with the Jockey Club Horseshoe & Cap, the front is mounted with a silver shield shaped shield, this could be engraved by your silversmith should you wish to personalise it. 

The rim has a hallmark for Birmingham 1887, J.G & Sons for Asprey & Co, LTD New Bond Street, the leather holder has a beautiful red velvet inner lining and silk top with the Asprey & Co label. C1887

A superb example with the holder, this lovely set would make a great addition for any collector.

The drinking horn/cup was a vessel from which wine or ale was drunk, just as its name suggests. Drinking horns/cups have been traced back to several ancient cultures around Europe and Asia, including the empires of Greece, Rome, and Persia, as well as Scandinavian peoples such as the Vikings. (Holder H: 12cm W & D 9cm)

Dimensions: H: 10cm W: 6cm D: 6cm




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