Vintage Spratt’s Dog Cakes Advertising Sign (Sold)

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Vintage Spratt’s Dog Cakes Enamel Sign. This Superb Spratt’s Dog Cakes Advertising Sign is made from steel with enamel paint, it does show sign of age but that just adds to the charm of this vintage sign. Remains in original condition, this sign would have been hung outside to advertise the product. C1880

Spratt’s was the world’s first large-scale manufacturer of dog biscuits. Its “Meat Fibrine Dog Cake” was the brainchild of American entrepreneur James Spratt who launched the biscuit in London circa 1860. The company began operations in the United States of America in the 1870s and, after Spratt’s death in 1880, the company went public and became known as Spratt’s Patent, Limited, and Spratt’s Patent (America) Limited. Spratt’s pioneered the concept of animal life stages with appropriate foods for each stage.

Would make a great addition to any collection or statement displayed piece in the home.

Dimensions: H: 31cm W: 102cm 

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