Reasons to Call Professionals before moving your Antique Piano

You will find many homeowners who assume the responsibility of moving out without any professional help. The truth is that you can plan on moving out of your house if you want, but there are certain items that require special handling.

Otherwise, you might just end up damaging those items or hurting yourself. In both ways, it’s an added expense.

A piano is one of those items that require professional help when it comes to moving it. Try if you like, but you won’t be able to move a piano successfully. What you need is a piano removalist specialist to take care of the job. Here are 5 convincing reasons to hire professional help if you own a piano and it’s time to move it.


  • To Avoid Damaging Your Piano


It turns out buying a piano is more fun than moving it from one house to another. In order to avoid any damage to your piano, do everything you can to hire professional piano movers. If moving pianos were that easy, why do you think there are movers who specialize in moving pianos? Pianos are heavy and bulky, and if you’re not sure how to move it, you’ll end up damaging it.


  • To Avoid Injuring Yourself


Depending on the model and type, a piano can very well weigh over a thousand pounds. This is a weight that is difficult for even two men to lift. There’s no way you can move a piano without proper equipment and protective gear to keep your body parts from getting hurt. Remember, your back is the first thing that can get injured. Come to think of it, the cost of your medical expense is definitely going to be more than what you’ll have to pay professional piano movers.


  • To Save Your Money


Hiring a piano mover is actually money well spent. In fact, hiring piano movers can help you save money that you’ll have to spend on piano repairs if you end up damaging it or breaking it. It’s highly likely that you’ll break your piano’s legs, pins, or strings if you attempt moving it yourself.


  • To Get Suitable Transportation


Let’s assume for a minute that you can manage to move your piano on your own without any professional help. But how on earth will you transport it to the new location? It can’t possibly fit in your car. Unless you own a truck that is big enough to carry a piano, you must seek the help of professional piano movers who’ll come with a transport that’s suitable to carry your piano safely.


  • To Cross the Staircase


Stairs are the trickiest part when you’re moving a piano. Trying to get your piano up or down the stairs is extremely difficult. You can tumble down the stairs and break your bones. If there’s a staircase involved in moving a piano, it’s best to let professional piano movers take care of it.

These five reasons are reason enough for you to hire professional piano movers when it’s time to shift houses and move the heavy piano you own.

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