How Office Desk Plants Help Improve the Mood of Employees

Plants are an effective source to freshen up your mood and liven up your day.

If you are having a dull day at work, keeping some plants in your office can help you feel so much better! They can increase your productivity and happiness. Employees become almost 15 % more productive when an otherwise boring office environment is filled with desk plants.

With the introduction of plants in workplace, the employees’ engagement with their work increases which in turn enhances their productivity. It is still noticed that several offices don’t have plants because many people don’t know the importance of these things.

So how do these plans help make the employees happy too?

Productivity is linked to happiness. Increased productivity means that there are more chances of your promotion and a raise in salary. Who does not love an increment in salary?

Increased productivity also means that you are enjoying what you are doing. The plants keep you engaged in the workplace and you can easily carry out other tasks as well.

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Reducing Fatigue and Stress

Apart from making you feel happy and increasing your productivity, plants can actually help reduce stress and fatigue. The plants suck in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is essential for humans. Fresh oxygen is imperative for good health.

Plants improve the indoor air quality by providing fresh oxygen to the employees that spend hours sitting inside an office. Clean air means your attention span will increase, your creativity will improve, your stress levels will reduce and your mood will stabilise. Eventually you will feel full of energy and less tired.

Poor quality of indoor air can cause serious health issues. Some of these are asthma, throat irritation, eye fatigue and headaches. Plants can help you to get rid of these problems.

Many researchers have revealed that plants promote a healthy environment and help to fight stress. People with high stress levels due to workload or any other reason can keep plants in their office to moves towards a stress free state.

To increase work productivity, you should be free from any stress. Anxiety and stress also cause negative thoughts. So make sure to get a healthy plant and put in on your office desk to feel the freshness. The fresh scent of the plants can make you forget your worries.

Choosing which plant to buy is your choice. Some plants can survive with even very less water. If your desk is far away from a window you can buy a plant which can survive in low light and needs minimal water to survive. So if you want to keep a plant that’s low maintenance, you can!

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