How to Re-purpose Fence Panels for Indoor Projects

Pretty much everything you own can be repurposed. All you need is lots of creativity and resourcefulness, a handy DIY guide or two, and the right tools.

But why re-purpose when you can just buy instead?

For one, repurposing will save you a lot of money. It is far cheaper to turn an old table into a countertop than to have somebody install a brand new one. In addition, repurposing lets you create something in exactly the way you want it done. You can, for instance, repurpose old wood panels into a wood crate of your preferred size, colour, and design. What’s more, repurposing also lets you show off your creative side. It can even be a profitable business, especially if your carpentry skills are good.

Purposeful Panels

If you happen to have old or unused fence panels, do not throw them away. You can transform them into a multitude of useful stuff, from cabinets to cupboards to countertops and more.

Home Decor

You can turn fence panels and some rope into simple home decor like this one on Pinterest. To make this home decor, simply cut off a fence panel into small pieces and bore holes in the upper right and upper left corners. Insert a piece of rope into one corner and back out into the next. Then tie a knot on each end. For an added twist, write your favourite quote, verse, or saying on each re-purposed panel.


You can also turn fence panels into a headboard. This headboard by Country Living is pretty easy and straightforward. Just cut your fence panels into different sizes and glue them together side by side in a random order. You can even paint your DIY headboard with whatever paint suits your house.

Planter Boxes

If you want small plants inside your home, why not re-purpose your fence panels into planter boxes as shown in this Pinterest post. While it will require some carpentry skills, the boxes are simple enough to make and cheaper than buying new ones.

Sofa Table

This sofa table suggested on Home Talk looks particularly pretty awesome, and it is made from old fence panels. It might not be the easiest DIY project to get started on but it will certainly look great in any dining room that has wood furnishings in. Using varnish will also give the sofa table a rustic feel.

Paint Is Not a Problem

The fence paints used nowadays are relatively easy to clean without having to use white spirit or paint stripper. In Screwfix’s list of fence paints, the site notes that the majority of paints are now odourless. So, should you decide to re-purpose your fence panels into a home decor, a headboard, a planter box, sofa table, or anything else that will brighten up your home, you will have no problems whatsoever in cleaning the paint off of your fence panels. This means you can focus solely on making your final product. It also means that you won’t be subjected to any toxic fumes that may come from the panels if you wish to strip them down.

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