How to Tell a Story in your Home with Art

Whether your house is decked out in various shades of pink, or you love comic books and have action figures covering every surface, there’s a classy and understated way to give your home more personality. Some people are neat freaks who need to dust on a daily basis and can’t bear to see a single dish in the sink. On the other hand, there’s your garden variety pack rat who can’t seem to get rid of any of their old stuff even when they go shopping every weekend. What is your life story? You can use art to feel more confident about your quirks, define your personality, and decorate your home so that it is your safe place.

Why Your Home Needs Sculptures

Vases look great when they’re filled with fresh flowers, but this type of decoration is also temporary. Sculptures go great on bookshelves, filling up empty spaces where you haven’t put any books yet. Stand a sculpture in the corner of a room that’s empty so that it helps to break up big empty spaces. More than being a good tool to use when decorating, sculptures are also a means of telling a story about yourself. African sculptures might delineate your heritage while an abstract sculpture from a modern sculptor may even give you some bragging rights.

Use Digital Art to Kick Off Storytime

Paintings are visual aids that a lot of people use to spruce up their walls and tie in colors that appear in their furnishings and accessories. If you want art that does more than set the color palette that you have in your living room, consider putting up some digital art. This type of art is relatively new in the grand scheme of things and it is created with the use of computers. Artists can take drawings that they’ve made by hand and color them on the computer so that the colors really pop. Alternatively, digital art might consist of images that are popular in pop culture and then blended together so that they are ironic, shocking, or downright funny. Place some digital art in your living room and see if your next visitors make any comments about it.

Decorating with Art the Smart Way

If you just throw up a bunch of paintings that aren’t interesting to you personally, you won’t have a good story to tell. Each artwork needs to be handpicked and studied so that it matches your home as well as what point you are in your life. Young adults might be really into digital art and feel the need to fill their first apartments with giant paintings of hamburgers and french fries. An older, more mature homeowner may want to bring the outdoors inside with images of songbirds and mountain peaks.

Having great looking artwork on your walls may inspire you to replace the drapes that have been hanging in your bedroom for the last decade. It can also let you express yourself fully within your home without worrying about being judged by guests. If you’re really into cats then fill your home with paintings of felines, cat sculptures and any other type of art that makes you feel spunky.

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