Cast Iron John Deere 02 Vintage Toy Tractor (SOLD)


Cast Iron John Deere 02 Vintage Toy Tractor

A suburb vintage cast iron John Deere 02 Tractor, a highly collectable vintage toy, in fantastic condition and still moves well considering its age. All original, with great patina. C1860

In 1837, John Deere who was best known as a blacksmith and inventor fashioned a polished steel plow. He made it in his Grand Detour, Illinois blacksmith shop. This plow allowed pioneer farmers to cut clean furrows through the sticky and hard to plow Midwestern prairie soil. By the next year, Deere is actively manufacturing his innovative plow. By 1849, John Deere had moved his business to Moline, IL and employed a work force that produces 2,000 or so plows for American farmers. In 1852, John Deere buys out his partners and establishes John Deere & Company. Branch offices and dealerships are established throughout the late 1800s to include walking plows, corn planters, wagons, buggies, and other quality products.

From 1857, in addition to farm equipment, accessories and bikes, John Deere collectibles included toy tractors, hats, belt buckles, posters, prints, toy train sets, cast iron farm toys.  

Dimensions: H: 19cm W: 28cm D: 14cm

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