Early 19th Century Antique Leather Fire Bucket (SOLD)


A beautiful example of a large early 19th century antique leather fire bucket, in superb condition with its lovely original colour, the leather carrying handle is all intact and is edged with copper rivets on top edge and down the seam and around the base. A fantastic piece of antique leather, ideal to be used as a fireside accessory. C1860.


Putting out a fire didn’t used to be as simple as dialing 999. Before about the 17th century there was very little in the way of an organised fire service anywhere in the world.

Needless to say, this lead to a number of devastating fires engulfing many of the world’s major cities.

London suffered great fires in 798, 982, 989, 1212 and the infamous fire in 1666.

Originally started at a bakery on Pudding Lane, the fire quickly tore through two square miles of the city and destroyed thousands of buildings including the Royal Exchange, the Guildhall and the medieval St Paul’s Cathedral.

Back in those days, fires were fought by parish groups using fire buckets, axes and simple water squirts stored in the local church.

This leather fire bucket was found close to Pudding Lane and was probably dropped in the chaos of the fire. Made from leather with a rope handle, the buckets only held a small amount of water and some of that water was spilt as the buckets were passed from hand to hand along a line of people towards the fire. Later these bucket were made to hold larger amount of water and the handles were replaced with a leather strap to make them stronger and easier to use. Most household with big fire places had a fire bucket next to them filled with sand used for dousing the fire at the end of the day.

Dimensions: H: 31cm W: 25cm D: 25cm

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