1903 Huntley & Palmer “Waverly” Series Book Library Biscuit Tin (SOLD)


This is a Beautiful Antique 1903 Huntley & Palmer “Waverley” biscuit tin. 

This delightful advertising tin is in the form of a group of eight classic books by Sir Walter Scott name the “Waverly” series,  bound by a tin “leather” strap, the tin is in rich shades of brown, ochre and black, giving the “books” a leather-bound appearance, the sides of the tin are decorated in an embossed scrollwork design, the famous name “Huntley & Palmer Biscuits Reading & London” is clearly visible on the underside of the lid, this item is a thing of beautiful history and is in excellent condition.

These book tins were one of the most popular tins with customer and produced between 1900 – 1924.

Dimension: H 16 cm x W 16 cm x D 12 cm

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Out of stock



Huntley & Palmer Biscuit Tin


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