Early 20th Century Philips & Son’s 19 inch Slate Surface Globe (SOLD)

This is a rare and unusually large scale slate surface globe by the British company George Philips and Son’s Ltd, 12-14 Long Acre, London WC1, Made in Great Britain, this globe has a matt black painted finish designed to be drawn upon with chalk for use as teaching aids. 

The sphere is made up of two aluminium hemispheres, the meridians and bands of latitude inscribed, the continents, islands and inland seas and large lakes outlined in white, the steel axis with aluminium support and Mahogany base

Aluminium globe shells are quite soft and particularly susceptible to denting, and while this example has some minor surface rippling it is generally in very good to excellent condition for its age. The black finish shows minor scuffing and dings, generally the globe is in fantastic condition, the Mahogany base is in excellent condition but does show slight signs of wear.

The globe has been carefully cleaned and the base has been polished, overall this piece is very impressive. C1910

Dimensions: H: 64cm W:48cm

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Philips & Son’s Slate Globe


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