Vintage Enamel Swan Vesta Advertising Sign


A lovely Swan Vesta Enamel Averting Sign. Made from steel with enamel detailing. These signs would have been hung in tobacconist for advertising Swan Vesta Matches. C1970

At one time matches were known as strike anywhere matches or vestas. As the name suggests these matches would ignite when struck on many different surfaces. 

Swan White Pine Vestas were made by the Diamond Match Company. These matches were thin wooden splints soaked in wax.

The name Swan Vestas was adopted in 1906 when the Diamond Match Company merged with Bryant and May.

Swan Vestas were a little shorter than other household matches and so they became very popular with smokers. The tagline the smoker’s match was used in promotional material. Matches were known as vestas for a long period of time. By the 1930s Swan Vestas were Britain’s best selling match.

In good original condition, would make a great addition to any collector of advertising signs.

Dimensions: H: 15cm W: 35cm




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