Transform Your Property into Vintage with These Seven Tips

 Are you planning to sell your home and want to start sprucing it up to increase its value? Well, here’s the thing. Some homeowners hoping to up the value of their property resort to the tried and tested method – going with the current trend. That means taking on everything with a modern touch, thinking that is what potential buyers would want. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, while modern furniture can add a unique touch to a home, what’s in style this season would go out of style the next. As a homeowner, you want to stage your home the best way possible to lure potential buyers, and the best way to do that is to go vintage. Why? There are four reasons why a vintage theme is worth considering.

First, it’s one of the unique ways to add visual appeal to any space in your home. Second, it adds a sense of softness to your home. Third, it can make your home look more inviting and exude warmth. Finally, vintage never goes out of style.

It takes a bit of planning to transform your home into vintage, but here are seven easy steps to help you achieve that.


Ready, Set, Go!


It’s important to have a starting point when deciding to go vintage. Start with a particular room in the house, like the kitchen, for instance, and work from there. Begin by painting the shelves and walls in muted and pastel hues. To be on the safe side, use vintage white paint on furniture. That way, you can easily mix and match vintage designs and patterns as you deem fit.


Raid the Markets


Vintage need not be expensive. Check out flea markets, swap meets, rummage sales, and the like. You’d be surprised at the vintage furniture and home décor you’ll find there. Again, there’s no need to match everything. As long as the colors and patterns complement each other, you’re good to go.



Restore existing furniture to make them look vintage. It’s nothing that some paint can’t handle. If you have a sofa that’s starting to wear out, cover it up with a vintage pattern blanket. Spruce up chairs with vintage throw blankets. Staining, decorating, and repainting can go a long way in making your home furnishings appear vintage.


Let it Shine


Don’t hold back from using lighting fixtures to create an ambient mood in your house. There are lighting fixtures that cast a warm and exotic glow indoors, and you can use those to highlight the vintage theme.


Be Creative


Do you have antique metals like bowls or pots in the house? Use those as hanging planters. Complement a bright vase with dried flowers and place it on a wicker table, which you have draped with a Gingham print runner, for that added eclectic element. Place leather bound books on the mantel and accent those with antique candelabras.

Store it Easy

Use old armoires, vintage chests, antique hatboxes, or bookcases as storage spaces.


Expect the Unexpected


There are no rules if you want to go vintage to increase the value of your real estate property. Your goal is to turn something old into something useful while not taking away its vintage charm. The idea is to use stuff from different eras – the 50s, 60s, and 70s – mix and match these to create a fresh look to your home.


By following these tips, you’ll be transforming your home into vintage and upping its value in no time.

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